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Cloud Serve CA60V3

Core devices in cloud-based smart cloud classroom solutions

Its management is simpler and more efficient than physical servers.


Cloud Terminal CA6000

Cloud Map cloud terminal CA6000 is a hardware platform with low power consumption and the most powerful ARM cloud terminal product in the industry.


Cloud Desktop Virtualization

CloudAtlas CLOUDATLAS-VDI It is an overall desktop cloud solution from the server to the client. It is composed of a series of hardware and software independently developed by CloudAtlas...



Cloudatlas Intelligent Cloud Classroom Strea...

The cloud thin client solution is suitable for computer classrooms, electronic reading rooms and language labs in primary and se......


Cloudatlas Intelligent Cloud Classroom Solut...

Traditional computer network classrooms are costly, difficult to maintain, and difficult to manage. This has become one of the m......


Cloudatlas Electronic Reading Room Solution

Yuntu intelligent cloud electronic reading room program solution is different from the traditional PC electronic reading room, u......


Cloudatlas Cloud Map Smart Cloud Enterprise ...

The enterprise office network system generally consists of two parts: 1. Part of the intranet data server, intranet professional.......


Government agency cloud terminal solution

In view of the status quo of the government's industry desktop, Linze proposed a government industry cloud terminal solution. W......

Business wide More than 30 cities are using
Application many Applied to multiple industries


Linze Technology 74th Chengdu China Education Equipment Exhibition

On May 11th, 2018, the 74th China Education Equipment Exhibition opened on schedule at the Chengdu Western China International Expo City. This exhibition attracted thousands of corporate exhibitors to attend the exhibition.
18 05-14
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